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World Flavors

Technical Services

The technology of tasteLaboratory

The importance of food technology in our industry has surged in the last three decades, and World Flavors has kept pace. We offer direct technical assistance in providing seasoning blends that will attract your customers, create product loyalty and maintain a consistent taste from order to order. Our personnel are experienced in meat science, food and flavor chemistry, microbiology and culinary arts. They will work closely with you to apply their expertise to your needs.

Adapted to your needs

We also have a strong commitment to collaborate with your team in taking your product from concept to production. We have a specialized facility and a highly skilled technical staff capable of developing seasonings to your exact specifications. The custom blending facility at World Flavors consistent of a wide range of mixer sizes from 100 to 10,000 pounds per batch for both liquid and dry formulations. Blenders utilize various mixing techniques to accommodate the special needs of each product.